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Undoubtedly, cybercrimes affecting the film and media industry can be one of the most complex cybersecurity issues around the world. While individual producers are intensifying their security measures, will they be enough to stop the onslaught of cybercriminals? Will Irdeto USA or other cybersecurity providers help solve the problem that has been causing billions of dollars already? Indeed, the entertainment industry, especially the movie industry, needs help as theft of content continues to undermine revenue and reputation of organizations.

While the entertainment industry can be enjoying a new era of technological advancement that makes production much easier and at lower costs, there is not much to be happy about because cyberattacks can easily offset the gains. But what can be the reasons that make the movie and media industry a favorite target by cybercriminals? The following can offer some explanations.

It Is an Easy Target

Organizations must have been aware of cybercrimes happening within the industry. They must have installed advanced security measures within their level. But what happens when they need vendors and other partners in the process, are these partners secured too? Take a look at a particular movie as an example. When a movie is newly released for viewing in cinemas, how many will be lining up at theater lounges and how many are awaiting for pirated copies to view the movies in their homes? With technology, a pirated version can be of premium quality too.

The Stakes Are Big

If many are awaiting for pirated versions, how much will these hackers can earn? Probably, it can also be billions. It can be higher than what the real producer can gain. With newly released movie, for example, pirated copies can be distributed in various countries before the movie can be shown in cinemas. In many Asian, South American and African countries, counterfeit copies of movies are freely sold in the streets and even in stores. Indeed, it is a multi-billion industry in itself.

It’s Hard to Get Caught

Law enforcement against intellectual property theft can be one of the most difficult to implement. With the global expanse of these crimes, it even makes it harder to pinpoint to culprit or culprits. One factor also that explains why crimes affecting the movie industry is that there is no public support. Movie fans still watch counterfeit versions because it allows them to save on money.

While the entertainment industry thrive on the hype and attention from the public, cybercriminals want some too.

Post Author: Billy Gasaway


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