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Lock Down Corp editors and writers are here to help you know the right technology products and digest the latest technology news. Our dedicated write about a wide range of topics to help you keep up with the newest trends in the industry. Our team consists of:

Ahmad Winters

Ahmad is the editor-in-chief of Lock Down Corp. He is tasked with overseeing the global team of talented writers, photographers, and editors who look at the world with a tech perspective; that includes the products, ideas, companies, and other issues that are bringing change.

Brenda Lowell

Brenda has over 10 years in journalism, and she has launched a lot of projects in many countries. She is married with three children.

Billy  James

Billy is an executive editor who oversees coverage of top brands across the world. Before joining Lock Down Corp, he was a telecommunications guru who wrote for top online newspapers. When he is not engaged in writing and editing, he is catching up on the latest Netflix shows.  

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